Check out these spy cam images:


Image by esivesind
Group Photo.

Thunderbomb Firecrackers

Image by Whiskeygonebad
I photographed this firecracker label. It was a bit wrinked and had many ink flaws. It too many hours on PSP. I made the background grey rather than the original black so you can reverse it and make a tee-shirt iron-on like I just did for the 4th of July. We can’t light’em but we can still wear’em. I wonder if the subway spy-cams can scan for the word "BOMB"? Hmmm.. What me worry?
p.s. My pal, Glen collected hundreds of these since he was a kid. He loaned me his collection to photograph. I will post more. Check back.
Addendum: The trick in clean-up is to use the color replacement tool to reduce the number of colors in a controled way – by eye pick to popular color pxel/are and adjust tolerance for the replace brush/size. Reduce graphic to the fewest colors possible and DO NOT save as a jpg!!!!!! The JPEG edge artifacts in anything other the loss-free setting will make your work all for naught!!!! Save as a PNG or GIF!

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